ASCC Mascot

Once upon a time, Freddie and Frieda Falcon fell in love while attending Cerritos College. They earned 60 units and transferred south to Sky University. Freddie and Frieda married, had an egg, and out hatched a beautiful, blue baby Falcon. They named him “Junior.” Over time, the Falcon grew up being called “Baby” or “Junior,” but he was hoping that one day he would have a real name and an identity of his own.

When Junior graduated from high school, Freddie and Frieda enrolled him at Cerritos College during the spring 2015 semester. Junior became very active and popular on campus. He joined the Pep Squad, the Scholars Honors Program, STEM, and became an active member of ASCC. He is majoring in Aerospace. However, with all his accomplishments, his next goal is to have his own name.

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Franco Falcon