Admissions Main Page


Who May Apply for Admission?

  • Anyone who is a high school graduate or at least 18 years of age who may profit from instruction.
  • College Bridge- High school students in their junior or senior year with appropriate criteria and approvals.
  • Enrolled Minors- Students enrolled in below the tenth grade with appropriate criteria and approvals. International Students with F-1 visas

How to Apply for Admission

  • Students who are enrolling for the first time or who are returning after an absence of one or more semesters, must complete an admissions application as early as possible prior to the start of registration. (Proof of residence may be required). Apply Online (html forms)new window
  • Continuing students who were active in the previous session will be mailed registration material and are encouraged to register online.
  • Registration for satellite classes is the same as for other classes. Students may also enroll during the first class meeting at their satellite locations.

You are a new student if this is the first time you are attending any college.

You are a transfer student if you attended another college but have never attended  Cerritos College.

You are a readmit student if you have previously attended Cerritos College but did not attend the previous semester.

You are a continuing student if you were enrolled in credit classes at Cerritos College during the previous semester.

Resident Requirements for Admission
To be considered a California resident for purposes of admission to Cerritos College, a student is required to have resided in the state of California for at least one year and one day prior to the start of the semester for which the student is registering.