Hold on use of Enrollment Appointments

New state laws and regulations regarding the loss of enrollment priority go into effect in the assignment of enrollment appointments beginning the Fall 2014 semester. Loss of Enrollment Priority means an inability to use an enrollment appointment.

Reasons for Loss of Enrollment Priority:

  • If a student has 100+ degree applicable units at Cerritos College
  • If a student is currently on Academic Probation or Progress Probation, or any combination thereof, for two (2) consecutive semesters

Students who are subject to losing their enrollment priority will have a hold (PRB and/or 100+) on their myCerritos account. Students will also receive notification through mail.

Please review the information on our quick information chart. Visit the Counseling web site at www.Cerritos.edu/counseling and the visit the Student Success Center website at www.Cerritos.edu/sc for information on programs and services to help you succeed.