Course Repetition


Generally at Cerritos College, you are allowed two attempts to complete a class. If both of your attempts are unsuccessful and you want to repeat the same class for the third time, you must submit a petition to the Academic Records and Standards Committee, preferably before enrolling for the semester. You can pick up the form in the Admissions and Records office or download using this link: document

Once the Committee approves your petition you will be allowed to register for the class, in person. Enrollment in a class for which a petition has not been approved is unofficial.

For additional information, please refer to the following.

At Cerritos College, previous course enrollment is reviewed electronically for prior enrollment attempts. Most courses have repeatability limitations. Cerritos College offers some courses that have designated repeatability. Please review the catalog for maximum repeat units available.

Students may repeat a course in which a substandard grade (D, F, NP, FW) or “W” in any combination has been received one time without filing a petition.  Prior to a second repeat (third enrollment) of a course, students must file a petition with, and receive approval from, the Academic Records and Standards Committee.  Upon completion of a repeated course, the most recent grade earned will be computed in the cumulative grade point average and the student’s academic record so annotated.

When a student repeats a class to alleviate substandard academic work, the previous grade and credit shall be disregarded in the computation of grade point averages, but shall not be deleted from the student’s permanent record. Courses that are repeated shall be recorded on the student’s permanent academic record using an appropriate annotation. Annotating the permanent academic record shall be done in a manner so that all work remains legible, insuring a true and complete academic history.

Students may use an equivalent course from an accredited college or university to replace a Cerritos College course in which a substandard grade was recorded, if earned subsequent to the substandard grade at Cerritos College. The student must petition the Academic Records and Standards Committee to record the change. The College may honor the prior course repetition actions of other accredited colleges and universities in determining acceptance of credits, subject to student petition to, and approval by, the Academic Records and Standards Committee.

Examples of Exceptions to Course Repetition Limitations

An Academic Records and Standards petition must be filed for official consideration of certain repeat requests. Contact the Admissions, Records, & Services Office for specific directions.

  1. Student received an “MW” (Military Withdrawal).
  2. Student’s previous grades are a result of documented circumstances beyond his/her control.
  3. Cooperative work experience courses, subject to stated maximums, as provided in the College Administrative Procedures.
  4. Certain activity or skill building courses, subject to stated maximums, as provided in College Administrative Procedures.
  5. Certain classes for students with disabilities, subject to stated qualifications, as provided in College Administrative Procedures.
  6. Repetition necessary for legally mandated training. Such courses may be repeated any number of times, regardless of whether or not substandard work was previously recorded, and the grade received each time shall be included for purposes of calculating the student’s grade point average.
  7. Following a qualified significant lapse of time, as provided in College Administrative Procedures.

For more information on board policies, please visit the Board Policies and Administrative Procedures page.