BCOT - Principles of Filing


This is a computerized filing course that covers the principles of information processing, storage, and retrieval. Instruction is given in the rules of indexing and alphabetizing. A study will be made of geographic, numeric, subject, microfilming, and magnetic tape storage systems. Practice will be given in the processing of materials, filing, indexing, alphabetizing, coding, creating filenames and filename extensions for electronic files, and storing and retrieving electronic data to and from directories and subdirectories.
Transfer Credit: CSU

NOTE:The filing course focuses on correct filing procedures for the organization of business records/documents. Alphabetic, numeric, and geographic filing rules are emphasized. Though the computer does the actual filing, the organization and setup of files must be done by an operator who tells the computer where the files should go. Files need to be set up so that they can easily be retrieved at a later time. Offices still maintain hard copies, which means that the paper copies need to be filed.