CalWORKs Program

The California Community Colleges CalWORKs Program is a state mandated and funded program that assists current welfare recipients in achieving long term self-sufficiency through the attainment of higher education. At Cerritos College, the CalWORKs Program focuses on providing CalWORKs students with special support services in order to assist with educational and career planning, as well as, insuring compliance with the Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) welfare-to-work requirements.


What does the CalWORKs Program Provide?

  • Educational and Career Guidance
  • Monitor student progress with Work-In-Progress (WIP) Report
  • Supportive atmosphere to enable students to complete their educational goals
  • Assistance with completing of all county paperwork
  • Advocady with DPSS and other county agencies
  • Opportunity to participate in a subsidized work-study program


To be eligible for CalWORks, a student must:

  • Be receiving the adult portion of Cash-Aid
  • Have a GAIN Service Worker (GSW)
  • Be enrolled in at least one (1) class (Credit/Non-credit course)

CalWORKs Services

County Services