About The Chairs Council

The Chairs Council was formed in Fall 2013 to address issues that are specific to Department Chairs. Some of these issues include, but are not limited to, SLO development, assessment and analysis, scheduling of classes, development of Curriculum, hiring procedures and processes, and planning procedures and processes. The goals of the Chairs Council are to allow Department Chairs an opportunity to share best practices for the issues listed above, to create a collaborative environment between the Department Chairs and Deans, and to work with Administration to make sure the needs of both the faculty and the students are met, at the departmental level, as well as the institutional level.

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For more information, contact the Committee Co-Chairs:

Carl Stammerjohn
Carl Stammerjohn
Ext. 2914
Amy Holzgang
Amy Holzgang
aholzgang@cerritos.eduemail link
Ext. 2768

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