Campus Connection - June 16, 2014

  • College Receives $2.8 Million to Strengthen the Link Between Education and Careers in Engineering and Manufacturing

    Cerritos College received a $2.8 million grant from the California Department of Education for expanding career pathways in engineering technology and advanced manufacturing. The award is part of the California Career Pathways Trust grant... Link to the full story about CA Pathways Grant

  • Daniel Flores Resendiz Sworn in as New Student Trustee

    Daniel Flores ResendizNew Student Trustee Daniel Flores Resendiz was sworn in by Board President Carmen Avalos on Wednesday, June 4, at the board meeting of the Cerritos College Board of Trustees... Link to the full story about Daniel

  • Art Gallery Looking for 2014 ART+TECH Artist-in-Residence

    Cerritos College Art Gallery is pleased to announce the establishment of an annual ART+TECH Artist-in-Residency program that will partner a professional visual artist with the amazing technology resources available on the Cerritos College... Link to the full story about Art Gallery


  • Commercial Music Fair Coming to Cerritos College

    The Cerritos College Music Department will host its Commercial Music Fair, June 24 - 26. The three-day event will feature live product demonstrations, workshops, presentations and the college's Commercial Music program... Link to the full story about Commercial Music Fair


Shared Governance Committee Meetings
June 16-19

None scheduled.

*Meeting date may change. Please contact committee chairs to confirm meeting schedule. List of committees


Employment Opportunities


Current Management Employment Opportunities

Facilities Manager - Priority Closing Date 6/16/14

Current Full-Time Faculty Opportunities

None at this time

Current Part-Time Faculty Opportunities

Anatomy and Physiology - Priority Closing Date 5/29/15

Astronomy - Priority Closing Date 6/05/15

Automotive Mechanical Repair - Priority Closing Date 5/01/15

Architecture (Architectural History) - Priority Closing Date 6/05/14

Business Administration - Priority Closing Date 3/16/15

Chemistry PT - Priority Closing Date 4/18/15

Cosmetology - Priority Closing Date 10/8/13

Counselor (Student Support Services) - Priority Closing Date 10/8/14

Counselor (Veteran's Resource Center) - Priority Closing Date 6/30/14

Culinary Arts - Priority Closing Date 6/03/15

Engineering - Priority Closing Date 5/09/14

Engineering Design Technology - Priority Closing Date 7/10/14

English as a Second Language - Priority Closing Date 4/02/15

Journalism - Priority Closing Date 4/11/14

Mathematics - Priority Closing Date 4/07/15

Nursing & Nursing Clinical Practice - Priority Closing Date 6/09/14

Paralegal - Priority Closing Date 3/27/15

Philosophy - Priority Closing Date - 6/26/14

Physics - Priority Closing Date - 6/05/15

Sociology - Priority Closing Date - 7/31/14

Speech - Priority Closing Date 6/19/14

Welding - Priority Closing Date 3/27/15

Woodworking Manufacturing Technologies - Priority Closing Date 4/03/15

Current Classified Employment Opportunities

None at this time


On-Campus Recruitment

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Temporary Hourly Opportunities

Police Cadet I, II, III and IV - Priority Closing Date: Until filled

For questions, please call Human Resources at (562) 860-2451 Ext. 2284 Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.