Campus Connection - February 22, 2016

Innovative Literacy Tool Enhances Student Reading

For students who face challenges with literacy, the College’s Premier Literacy Suite is an innovative reading assistance program that supports student learning. Whether using the program on or off campus, the system uses a text to voice platform that is able to read text to the user in their choice of voice and speed. The program also highlights words as it reads and is proven to increase one’s ability to understand and retain written information.

Users can read documents in standard file formats such as Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, text file format, HTML, and PDF. Files can also be converted to audio files for use on a CD or MP3 player and accommodates various types of learning preferences including auditory, visual, and tactile learners. It also has a writing and internet research component. The program is intuitive and one can learn to use it effectively simply by logging-on and clicking on the various applications and tools.

“The software is not only for students who are associated with Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSPS), but for all students and staff who desire to increase their reading comprehension or need help with organizing and general study skills,” said Irving Bartikofsky, DSPS specialist. “And it can be used, not only for reading classes but, for any class that involves reading, writing, studying, and organizing, which is just about any course one is taking.”

The software is available to allstudents and staff/faculty. Visit and log on using the following:

Username: cerritos

Password: access



Campus Connection - February 22, 2016