Campus Connection - April 11, 2016

Psychology Students Named UCI Regents’ Scholars

Julian, Nancy and AimaCerritos College students Aima Choudry, Nancy Gomez and Julian Ruiz have been named the University of California, Irvine’s 2016 Regents’ Scholars. Aima, Nancy and Julian will receive a $2,500 scholarship per academic year, guaranteed university housing, priority enrollment, and library privileges, as well as opportunities to participate in programs that enhance their education at UCI.

The three students are the College's Scholars' Honors Program students and the scholarship is the result of its Honors to Honors agreement with UCI. The Regents' Scholarship is the most distinguished merit scholarship awarded by the University of California to highly selective outstanding students. The recipients are chosen based upon your academic achievements, significant accomplishments and leadership.

Aima will continue her education in psychology and minor in public health at UCI. She plans on pursuing a master’s degree in healthcare administration and working in a hospital as a healthcare administrator.

Nancy, quantitative psychology major, is preparing herself for her career in teaching/research by working for a Georgetown University professor at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena. She plans on pursuing a doctoral degree.

Julian plans on pursuing his education in clinical psychology and obtain a master’s and a doctoral degrees. He hopes to specialize in forensic psychology.





Campus Connection - April 11, 2016