Campus Connection - May 9, 2016

Scholars' Honors Program Celebrates Graduates

Scholars' Honor Program Class of 2016

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The Cerritos College Scholars' Honors Program recognized 36 graduates during its 19th annual graduation ceremony on April 26.

All graduating Scholars’ Honors Program students have been accepted to some of the nation’s most respected colleges and universities. Graduates received medallions for maintaining a minimum 3.0 grade point average in transferable courses.

The winners of the College’s annual Carole Cole Memorial Honors Scholarship and tenth annual Juntilla Scholars’ Honors Program Scholarship were announced. Robin Gaitan received $200 through the Carole Cole Memorial Honors Scholarship. Nancy Gomez and Alejandra Carranza received $500 each from the Juntilla Scholars’ Honors Program Scholarship.

“Each year, we are impressed and inspired by the sacrifices these honors students have made to achieve their educational goals. On behalf of Cerritos College, I would like to extend our sincere congratulations and best wishes for their future," said Timothy Juntilla, director, Scholars’ Honors Program.

Scholars’ Honors Program Transfer Class of 2016:

Amaris Adoh
Jada Blanshard
Matthew Bottello
Alejandra Carranza
Andrea Chirino
Aima Choudry
Trent Coates
Jaime Cordova
Vina Cuevas
Steven Dollinger
Miguel Felix
Robin Gaitan
Nancy Gomez
Maria Ibanez
Paola Leguizamon
Andrew Mark
Justin Marshall
Alejandro Martinez
Vanessa Martinez
Martin Moreno
Rodolfo Nunez
Osaruwense Obayagbonna
Carolina Perez
Stephanie Puertas
Patricia Quezada
Kimberley Rios
Julian Ruiz
Jennifer Sanchez
Eric Sarell
Manpreet Sethi
Nehal Shaikh
Arthur Shin
Christian Ugbah
Samuel Valle
Alyssa Mejia Whisler
Allison Wilson



  Campus Connection - May 9, 2016