Campus Connection - May 23, 2016

Albert Wilmovsky, Instructional Lab Technician, Named Employee of the Month of April 2016

Albert Wilmovsky with the college familyThe Outstanding Classified Employee Selection Committee named Albert Wilmovsky as the recipient of the Outstanding Classified/ Confidential Employee of the Month Award for April 2016.

Albert began his career at Cerritos College in August 2001 starting in the Reading Lab and then moving to the Student Computer Lab. He is a past student leader on campus and participates in numerous voluntary and staff development activities.

Albert shows his commitment to Cerritos College through his support for the students.  He takes the initiative by recognizing that they need help and then suggesting to the students the best solution for each problem at hand.

He is a patient, dedicated professional who provides tremendous support to all students who need his assistance.     

"Albert, we commend you for your outstanding service and dedication," said Dr. Jose Fierro, as he presented the award to Albert.


Campus Connection - May 24, 2016