Campus Connection - June 13, 2016

Cerritos College Prepares for the Worst During Active Shooter Training Drill

Active shooter drillAs part of its ongoing commitment to campus safety, Cerritos College conducted a large-scale active shooter response training on Friday, June 3. The Cerritos College Campus Police Department, the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department’s Norwalk Station, L.A. County Fire Department, and local first-responder agencies collaborated for months to put together the safety exercise that included two simulated active shooter scenarios staged on campus. The exercise also involved student volunteer “victims” and a surveillance helicopter.

Although the drill was organized months ago, having the exercise just two days after the murder-suicide shooting occurred at UCLA made the experience more realistic for the participants. “The drill was an intense experience, especially after seeing the incident at UCLA,” said student volunteer Erica Davis. “Having this kind of training exercise on campus reassures us that our officers are well-training and prepared for emergency situations.”

Officers at Active Shooter Drill“This exercise helps prepare the law enforcement and first responder agencies in the event of a large-scale emergency on the Cerritos College campus. The College will be participating in additional emergency response activities, drills, and training to ensure that the campus community is fully aware of our emergency procedures,” said the Cerritos College Chief of Police Tom Gallivan.



  Campus Connection - June 13, 2016