Campus Connection - August 8, 2016

Monique Valencia, Program Assistant, Named Employee of the Month of June 2016

Dr. Fierro, Monique, Amparo and Dr. Shin LiuThe Outstanding Classified Employee Selection Committee named Monique Valencia as the recipient of the Outstanding Classified/Confidential Employee of the Month Award for June 2016.

Monique began her career at Cerritos College as a short-term temporary employee in August 2009. She was hired as full-time classified employee in 2015 as a program assistant for Student Success. Monique has been a great addition to the Center for Teaching Excellence. One of her excellent qualities is her eager-to-help attitude. She dives in and doesn't hesitate to help in any aspect of the day-to-day operation. She has become a role model to the short-term hourly employees in the department by demonstrating positive attitude, patience, and her willingness to help. She's known to campus by the colleagues as someone you can count out and go out of her way to help. 

"Monique, we commend you for your outstanding service and dedication," said Dr. Jose Fierro, as he presented the award to Monique.


Campus Connection - August 8, 2016