Campus Connection - August 8, 2016

Steven Kim and Tom Chu Named Outstanding Classified/Confidential Employee Team Award

Dr. Fierro, Steven and Dr. LiuThe Outstanding Classified Employee Selection Committee recognized Steven Kim and Tom Chu as recipients of the Outstanding Classified/Confidential Team Award for their outstanding team effort. 

Steven and Tom form the Cerritos College technical team that installs and supports A/V equipment campus-wide.  This requires that they have the ability to work independently to simultaneously resolve issues across the campus, while also being able to effectively collaborate on challenging tasks.

In June 2016, Steven and Tom were given a tight schedule to accomplish the tasks for the Board Room reconstruction project. The Cerritos College Board was scheduled to meet in less than one week, at which point all systems needed to be operational.  Combined with the summer’s short 4-day work weeks, this was a near-impossible schedule. Demolition and construction began immediately, and Steven and Tom demonstrated their ability to team up to accomplish the impossible.

Steven and Tom set to work learning the project’s details and making their recommendations while coordinating with Facilities and Woodworking.  They coordinated schedules with these crews to remove old A/V equipment, install all new cables and hardware, and interface with existing board room systems.

In a remarkable demonstration of teamwork and professionalism, Steven and Tom were not only able to work within this brief window to accomplish the task on time, but they were able to maintain their installation standards by performing an attractive and error-free installation.  This is an excellent example of teamwork that everyone at Cerritos College can, and should, try to emulate.  Steven and Tom have proven that professionalism, dedication and teamwork can accomplish almost anything.

"Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty a," said Dr. Jose Fierro, as he presented the award to them.


Campus Connection - August 8, 2016