Campus Connection - August 29, 2016

Teacher TRAC Grad Ready to Fly

Andrea Alonzo with golden apple and certificateAndrea Alonzo began her first semester at Cerritos College in 2008 taking a basic skills Math 20 course, and she persevered through all of the remedial math courses to join the College’s rigorous, award-winning teacher preparation program Teacher TRAC. She utilized free math tutoring at the College’s Success Center and supportive instructors that provided extra help before and after class.

After a Teacher TRAC sponsored information session with California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), Andrea became interested in the teaching program. She eventually transferred to CSULB, she gained experiences that allowed her to grow both as a person and as a professional. Last year, she served as a student ambassador for the College of Education and represented the College of Education as a mentor, tour guide, and recruiter. In May, Andrea was selected to attend the National Summit on Teacher Diversity in Washington D.C., sponsored by the United States Department of Education, along with CSULB Dean of the College of Education Marquita Grenot-Scheyer and fellow student Brandon Kent.

“I am grateful that I was able to attend such a wonderful summit. We were able to delve into the conversation of diversity, and the lack (thereof) in the teaching force,” said Andrea.

Andrea recently graduated from CSULB, and is working on obtaining two credentials in special education and multiple subject with bilingual authorization. She plans on obtaining them by December 2018. 

“Although becoming a principal has always been my ultimate goal and my motivation to finish school, serving as a student ambassador has taught me about the many opportunities that are in the field of education,” said Andrea. “I have yet to set a new goal for myself, but after attending the Summit in Washington D.C., I found D.C. to be a great place where changes can happen.”