Facilities Staff Receive Outstanding Classified/Confidential Employee Team Award

Dr. Fierro, Steve, Daniel and Shannon Kaveney The Outstanding Classified Employee Award Committee have recognized Daniel Becerra and Steve Gonzalez as the recipients of the Outstanding Classified/Confidential Team Award for their outstanding team effort.

With all the transitional construction happening on campus it’s difficult to keep the campus clean and presentable. Daniel and Steve have gone above and beyond in their efforts to maintain the beauty of our campus.

Daniel and Steve make a very effective team. They both have their individual assignments but often team up to attack large scale projects. They each moved into new areas this past year and are transforming the grounds. The facilities department receives many compliments not only about how beautiful the grounds look but also about Steve and Daniels positive attitudes. Their teamwork is evident in the cleanliness of the campus as well as the beautification projects they work on together. They take pride in their work and have a clear vision and understanding of what they want to accomplish. It is a pleasure to have Steve and Daniel as groundskeepers here at Cerritos and we all look forward to continually watching them improve the campus.

"We are proud to have you on staff and we commend you for your outstanding service. Thank you all for a job well done," said Dr. Jose Fierro, as he presented the award to Daniel and Steve.