Halloween at Cerritos Flooded with Spirits

Franco in costumeThe day of Halloween kicked off with the annual Costume Contest and Pumpkin Carving Contest, presented by ASCC.

Costume Contest winners
Judge’s Favorite - Gregory Woodard as a member of Run DMC
Funniest Costume - Tiffany Avery as Sister Mary Clarence from Sister Act
Scariest Costume - Priscilla for Dia de los Muertos inspired costume
Franco’s Entourage - Javier Ortiz and Stephanie Garcia as Bob and Linda from Bob’s Burgers

Pumpkin Carving Contest winner
The Robotics Club

Following the ASCC events, Public Affairs hosted the second annual Halloween Office Decorating Contest. Once again, the competition for this year’s Halloween Office Decorating Contest was steep! 10 offices participated, including:
Academic Affairs
Admissions and Records
Career Services
Center for Teaching Excellnece
Community Education
Educational Partnership Program
Financial Aid
Human Resources
Talon Marks

The ASCC student judges, were blown away by the level of creativity and attention to detail that went into the office competition. This year, there were more staffers dressed in costumes than last year with 79 participants (87 including Public Affairs and the Foundation).

SpookiestCTX and Financial Aid. Both teams received perfect scores.
CTX Financial Aid

Most CreativeCommunity Education received a perfect score, and holds its reign as campus champions of creativity.
Community Education
·Honorable Mention: Academic Affairs was (1) one point behind Community Education.
·Competitive scores for creativity also went to Admissions and Records and Counseling

Office with the Most Staff in Costumes
Financial Aid
Financial Aid staff
·Honorable Mentions: Career Services and Counseling

The winners will receive a free lunch party. For more Halloween pictures, visit the photo gallery or photo album on the Cerritos College Facebook page!


The Halloween bunnies and wolf of Economic Development/Foundation/Public Affairs thank you for participating!
Foundation and Public Affairs staff