Monica Castro, Administrative Secretary I, Named Employee of the Month of October 2016

Dr. Jose Fierro, Monica Castro, and Zurich LewisThe Outstanding Classified/Confidential Employee Selection Committee named Monica Castro as the recipient of the Outstanding Classified/Confidential Employee of the Month Award for October 2016.

Monica was hired in 1995 as a short-term temporary employee in Admission and Records, then in 1997 she moved to the Transfer Center. In June 2000 she was hired as a Classified Employee for the Teacher TRAC Program now known as Educational Partnerships and Programs.

Monica is an integral and essential part of the Educational Partnerships and Programs Office and the college. She is a dedicated, gifted employee and model human being. Monica organizes and delegates work to the staff to ensure successful programs, services, and events. She models a high standard for quality work and her work is professional, thoughtful, and accurate. In addition to the extensive interaction with campus staff, faculty, administrators, Monica interfaces with our K-12 school partners and university partners, community based organizations, and state and federal offices and organizations.  Monica's communication skills and interpersonal skills are superb.  Monica excels at what she does and goes above and beyond to serve students, staff, faculty, the college, and its partners.

"Your dedication, commitment, and willingness to go above and beyond to meet the needs of the students and staff are exceptional," said Dr. Jose Fierro, as he presented the award to Monica. We commend you for your outstanding service."