Graduate Projects by Cerritos Cosmetology Students

Senior Cosmetology students partake in a Graduate Project. The students are given an era to research the events, hairstyles, makeup, and fashion. They also prepare a ten minute presentation with a live model with hair, makeup, and clothes from the era. This project showcases the students research abilities, talent, and skills they have gained while at Cerritos College Cosmetology.

Erika NavarroPDF document - The 1800's

Rolanda ArnoldPDF document - The Egyptian Era

Sheree IbeyPDF document - The 1920's

Jordin ChristianPDF document - The Wonderful 1930's

Joanna MartinezPDF document - The 1940's

Michelle AustinPDF document - The 1950's

Ashley BrownPDF document - The 1950's The Everyday Woman

Marcy EnosPDF document - The 1960's

Alyssa LooPDF document - Welcome to the 1960's

Chelsea RoussosPDF document - 1970's Highlights

Brittany AlasPDF document - 1990's The end of the 20th Century