2016-2017 Projects

Strong Workforce Projects for 2016-2017

Completed Projects:

  • Accounting: develop curriculum to allow students to prepare for the CPA exam. (TOP 0502.00)
  • Athletic Training: create a new lower unit (12-unit) certificate program, and will develop three new courses that will be incorporated in their new and/or existing certificates. (TOP 1228.00)
  • Business Management: hire a part-time hourly to promote the BA certificate. At the same time, they will add multiple BA online sections to target the working population. (TOP 0506.00)
  • Educational Technology: contract services from KCI Center at Foothill College that will provide training for program instructors, marketing guidance and support for updating curriculum. (TOP 0860.00)
  • Office Technology/Computer: develop or revise curriculum to include workplace “soft skills” as part of the curricula. The department will create a Business Information Worker certificate. (TOP 0514.00)
  • Paralegal: hire a part-time hourly to communicate the benefits of the program to the legal community, resulting in more internships and job openings for students. (TOP 1402.00)
  • Real Estate: hire a part-time hourly to promote the real estate certificates and degrees available to students. (TOP 0511.00)
  • Fitness Trainer: create a new lower unit (12-unit) certificate program, and will develop two new courses that will be incorporated in their new and/or existing certificates. (TOP 0835.20) 
  • Commercial Music: update their program by purchasing the following: audio/visual projectors, network interfaces, wireless and broadcast microphones, cabling, and software. (TOP 1005.00)
  • Film Production: implement industry professional/mentor days, allowing students to meet with professionals and giving students the opportunity of obtaining an internships and/or a job. (TOP 0612.20)
  • Culinary Arts: develop a BRIDGE program that will connect 6-10 local high schools with classes at Cerritos College. (TOP 1306.30)
  • Dental Assistant: develop and offer a review workshop to graduate dental assisting student to help prepare them to successfully pass their written and practical exams. (TOP 1240.10)
  • Dental Hygienist: develop curriculum to allow training in the placement of Interim Therapeutic Restorations. (TOP 1240.20)
  • Medical Assisting: open a Day program. (TOP 1208.00)
  • Registered Nursing: work on updating their simulation equipment. (TOP 1230.10)
  • Pharmacy Technology: will work on acquiring automation to better train their students. (TOP 1221.00)
  • Human Services: working on doing outreach with high schools, CBO’s, and community at large and they will create promotional materials to use in doing outreach. (TOP 2104.00)
  • Automotive Technology: implement ASE preparation courses to their curriculum. (TOP 0948.00)
  • Construction Crafts (Woodworking): hire two part-time hourlies to facilitate employment of WMT graduates (TOP 0952.50)
  • Cosmetology: get education for faculty on creating wigs for clients, and in return they will incorporate the advanced classes. (TOP 3007.00)
  • Machine Tool: develop new robotics curriculum to provide students with the latest robotic technology instructions. (TOP 0956.30)
  • Welding: update the aerospace welding laboratory sheet metal shear to current industry standards. (TOP 0956.50)
  • Industrial Technology: work with the Adult Education and Economic Development departments to create a pathway for students into the fields of Machining, Welding, Woodworking, Plastics, and Engineering Design Technologies via non-credit and industry certifications. (TOP 0956.00)

Projects in Progress:

  • Computer Networking: offer specific training for the preparation of industry certificates such as CompTIA A+, Network+, etc. They will also add classes to accommodate the dual-enrollment students. (TOP 0708.10)
  • Technical Theatre: develop curriculum to allow students to obtain a certificate or AS degree in Technical Theater. (TOP 1006.00)
  • Speech/Language Pathology & Audiology: work on purchasing assistive equipment and relevant software applications for training of their students. (TOP 1220.00)
  • Administrative of Justice department will add two courses to their Summer 2017 schedule. Additionally, they will purchase new fingerprint equipment to familiarize students with current practices. (TOP 2105.00)
  • Alternative Fuel: purchase electrical boards to provide additional hands-on training in the many areas related to electrical vehicle diagnosis and improve the curriculum related to this equipment (TOP 0948.40)