2016-2017 Updates

Strong Workforce Updates for 2016-2017

Update 1 – November 2016

Dear Cerritos College CTE faculty,

You will receive a weekly update from the CTE office as we disseminate the information coming to us from the Chancellor's office "Strong Workforce" program.

This first update is related to the new world of work and 21st century skills. There are several seminars organized by the Chancellor's office regarding "soft skills" . Click here if you are interested:

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Nick Real, Dean
Kathy Hogue, Career Technical Education Coordinator

Update 2 – November 2016 – Strong Workforce

Dear Cerritos College CTE faculty,
As mentioned in our previous email, you will continue to receive a weekly update from the CTE office as we disseminate the information coming to us from the Chancellor's office "Strong Workforce" program.
This second update is related to outreach to parents and students as well as to employers. Click here if you are
interested in viewing a webinar that was sponsored by CCCCO:
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Nick Real, Dean
Kathy Hogue, Career Technical Education Coordinator

Update 3 – November 2016 – Early career exploration for CTE

From the chancellor's office:
The Get Focused/Stay Focused curriculum has been effectively tested in high schools by several community colleges in all 7 regions in the state for use with over 80,000 secondary level students.  Who am I? What do I want? How do I get it? – These are three questions that are keys to student success, and three questions that should be answered before selecting a guided pathway.  Career Choices and Changes, and My10yearPlan help students answer these questions while facilitating a planning process that:
-    Matches pathway selection to future student goals
-    Results in informed decision making regarding a course of study
-    Development of a skills-based education plan
-    Leads to a 10-year Plan focused on successful completion and workforce entry
Whether as a part of the First-Year Experience or implemented preemptively in collaboration with your secondary school partners, the 10-year Plan will relieve overtaxed advising services while supporting greater student success.  This is a 3 unit curriculum that will ensure students become college completers and help reduce attrition and increase completers.  A direct link to learn more about the college/high school collaboration program model - Get Focused...Stay Focused http://www.getfocusedstayfocused.org.

What does this mean locally?
Look at what Lynwood Unified School District has done already as the result of the "Career Pathways Trust grant Cerritos College obtained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdYys-aue60

Update 4 – November 2016 - Curriculum Streamlining & Regional Teacher Pipeline

Updates from the Chancellor's office.

The last two updates from the Chancellor's office for November are related to curriculum streamlining & regional teacher pipeline. They are part of the "projects in common" across all regions and will be funded by the 10% regional share. See below for details:

Curriculum Streamlining:  Strong Workforce Program Recommendation #8 calls for the evaluation, revision and resourcing of the local, regional, and statewide CTE curriculum approval process to ensure timely, responsive, and streamlined curriculum approval.  There are many efforts under way across the state to achieve this recommendation.  As a result of the recent North-Far-North Curriculum Streamlining Project, a model was tested bringing the local and regional process down from 6.2 months to 3.2 months.  Project 1 is intended to adopt and implement a streamlined curriculum approval process.

Scale Regional STEM/STEAM Teacher Pipeline:  To remedy the statewide teacher shortage and to bring more diversity into the STEM/STEAM teaching pipeline, every region needs to produce a fair share of this workforce need.  The STEM/STEAM Teacher Preparation Pipeline has sought to align career and technical education curriculum and student support services as a way to establish pipelines for students interested in teaching in today’s STEM/STEAM fields.  During the 2014-2015 year, the TPP campuses came together and created a state-wide collaborative. This collaborative focuses on the continuing development of a model of quality teacher preparation that includes career exploration, contextualized learning opportunities, teacher recruitment and retention, and the development of a quality teacher preparation model of collaboration that is currently shared regionally, statewide and beyond.

Update 5 – December 2016 - Local Applications For "Strong Workforce"

What is Cerritos College doing to implement the "Strong Workforce program"?
Here is a summary of what programs are doing to implement the Chancellor's office's initiative!

  • The Accounting department will develop curriculum to allow students to prepare for the CPA exam. (TOP 0502.00)
  • The Business Management department will hire a part-time hourly to promote the BA certificate. At the same time, they will add multiple BA online sections to target the working population. (TOP 0506.00)
  • The Educational Technology department will contract services from KCI Center at Foothill College that will provide training for program instructors, marketing guidance and support for updating curriculum. (TOP 0860.00)
  • The Office Technology/Computer department will develop or revise curriculum to include workplace “soft skills” as part of the curricula. The department will create a Business Information Worker certificate. (TOP 0514.00)
  • The Paralegal department will hire a part-time hourly to communicate the benefits of the program to the legal community, resulting in more internships and job openings for students. (TOP 1402.00)
  • The Real Estate department will hire a part-time hourly to promote the real estate certificates and degrees available to students. (TOP 0511.00)
  • The Computer Networking department will offer specific training for the preparation of industry certificates such as CompTIA A+, Network+, etc. They will also add classes to accommodate the dual-enrollment students. (TOP 0708.10)
  • The Commercial Music department will update their program by purchasing the following: audio/visual projectors, network interfaces, wireless and broadcast microphones, cabling, and software. (TOP 1005.00)
  • The Film Production department will implement industry professional/mentor days, allowing students to meet with professionals and giving students the opportunity of obtaining an internships and/or a job. (TOP 0612.20)
  • The Technical Theatre department will develop curriculum to allow students to obtain a certificate or AS degree in Technical Theater. (TOP 1006.00)
  • The Culinary Arts department will develop a BRIDGE program that will connect 6-10 local high schools with classes at Cerritos College. (TOP 1306.30)
  • The Dental Assistant department will develop and offer a review workshop to graduate dental assisting student to help prepare them to successfully pass their written and practical exams. (TOP 1240.10)
  • The Dental Hygienist department will develop curriculum to allow training in the placement of Interim Therapeutic Restorations. (TOP 1240.20)
  • The Medical Assisting department will open a Day program. (TOP 1208.00)
  • The Registered Nursing department will work on updating their simulation equipment. (TOP 1230.10)
  • The Pharmacy Technology department will work on acquiring automation to better train their students. (TOP 1221.00)
  • The Speech/Language Pathology & Audiology department will work on purchasing assistive equipment and relevant software applications for training of their students. (TOP 1220.00)
  • The Athletic Training department will create a new lower unit (12-unit) certificate program, and will develop three new courses that will be incorporated in their new and/or existing certificates. (TOP 1228.00)
  • The Fitness Trainer department will create a new lower unit (12-unit) certificate program, and will develop two new courses that will be incorporated in their new and/or existing certificates. (TOP 0835.20)
  • The Administrative of Justice department will add two courses to their Summer 2017 schedule. Additionally, they will purchase new fingerprint equipment to familiarize students with current practices. (TOP 2105.00)
  • The Human Services department will be working in doing outreach with high schools, CBO’s, and community at large and they will create promotional materials to use in doing outreach. (TOP 2104.00)
  • The Automotive Technology department will implement ASE preparation courses to their curriculum. (TOP 0948.00)
  • The Construction Crafts (Woodworking) department will hire two part-time hourlies to facilitate employment of WMT graduates (TOP 0952.50)
  • The Cosmetology department would like to get education for faculty on creating wigs for clients, and in return they will incorporate the advanced classes. (TOP 3007.00)
  • The Machine Tool department will develop new robotics curriculum to provide students with the latest robotic technology instructions. (TOP 0956.30)
  • The Welding department will update the aerospace welding laboratory sheet metal shear to current industry standards.  (TOP 0956.50)
  • The Alternative fuel department will purchase electrical boards to provide additional hands-on training in the many areas related to electrical vehicle diagnosis and improve the curriculum related to this equipment (TOP 0948.40)
  • The Industrial Technology department will work with the Adult Education and Economic Development departments to create a pathway for students into the fields of Machining, Welding, Woodworking, Plastics, and Engineering Design Technologies via non-credit and industry certifications. (TOP 0956.00)

Update 6 – January 2017 - Where Are We At With The "Strong Workforce" Program?

At the Chancellor's office vs. on campus
The Chancellor's office has made significant progress on on implementing the 25 'strong workforce' recommendations adopted by the Board of Governors. You can click here for more details http://www.doingwhatmatters.cccco.edu/StrongWorkforce/ProjectPlan.aspx 

  • 22 of the 25 recommendations show evidence of progress or full completion
  • 44 of 77 sub-recommendations show evidence of progress or full completion

On the Cerritos College campus, we have also made significant progress. All our plans are submitted to the Chancellor's office and we started the adult hourly hiring process this week. We will start entering orders in the next couple of weeks for each TOP code.

At the regional level, Cerritos College is participating in several intitiatives: 

  • Cerritos College will be the lead for Advanced Manufacturing/Small Business Entrepreneurship/Retail

Cerritos College will be a participant on:

  • Crosstown Engineering Design Technology Manufacturing Hub
  • Regional Netlab hub and cybersecurity and regional netlabs project
  • Career Pathways specialist regional colleges CTE readiness/noncredit bootcamps
  • Teacher Preparation pipeline STEM/CTE collaborative

Update 7 – January 2017 - Certifications And Licences

Strong Workforce recommendation # 5.
The strong workforce recommendation # 5 require "the sharing of employment/wage outcomes and third party licenses/certification data across government entities". That is definitely a national movement and we are starting to see some interesting results. Prevalent in health care, those certifications and licences are also finding their way in other fields now.

In the long term, our students benefit from certification and licences. If you are interested by the subject, the bureau of labor statistics has done some good work and determined that "For employed people 25 years and over, the likelihood of holding a certification or license increased with educational attainment. In 2015, 8.4 percent of workers with less than a high school diploma held one of these credentials, compared with 51.9 percent of workers with advanced degrees."

You can find more info about the subject here https://www.bls.gov/cps/certifications-and-licenses-table-5.htm  

Update 8 - Regional Plans – March 2017

All the regional plans for CA community colleges are in. You can get more info here http://swp-service.swpregional.cccco.edu/v1/looker/dwm if you like analytics or here http://doingwhatmatters.cccco.edu/StrongWorkforce/RegionalPlans.aspx if you prefer to read the plans.

Cerritos College is participating in the "Career Pathways Specialist" and "Teacher Preparation Pipeline" under the leadership of Colleen, the "Regional NetLab Hub" under the leadership of Connie, the "Project LEAP" under the leadership of Randy, the "CTE readiness & non-credit bootcamps" under the leadership of Graciela, and the "Crosstown engineering design manufacturing hub" under my leadership.

The CTE office is also participating in the "Los Angeles Workforce Education Research Center", the "Los Angeles regional marketing project", and the "Regional internships and jobs academy project". Those projects involve all 19 colleges in LA county.
Update 9 - Salary Surfer – March 2017

The chancellors office has released the latest version of SalarySurfer. You can find information about your field here: http://salarysurfer.cccco.edu/SalarySurfer.aspx
The "Here to Career" app has also been improved. It works well on the IPhone.

Update 10 – June 2017 - Strong Workforce Success Stories

Success Stories eShowcase - Practices with Promise

The Practices with Promise - Workforce Outcomes eShowcase is one of the tools provided under the Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy framework to support stakeholders in developing and sharing best practices. Here you can submit your regional collaboration success stories, testimonials and innovations which will be shared on the Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy website.

Make sure you contribute! Other colleges have already submitted stories and we need to display the hard work we are doing. Make sure to work with Miya's team [Walker, Miya <mwalker@Cerritos.edu>] to create your story.


You can see existing stories here:

Update 11 – June 2017 - Strong Workforce Professional Development

El Camino College
Distance Education Conference Room
September 14, 2017 - 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
16007 Crenshaw Blvd - Torrance, CA 90506

Cost: FREE
To register:https://www.cccaoe.org/professional-development/more-better-cte
For more information: 
Irvine Valley College

October 20, 2017 - 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
5500 Irvine Center Drive
Irvine CA - Room: A123  

Cost: FREE
To register:https://www.cccaoe.org/professional-development/more-better-cte
For more information: 
These are two upcoming forums that you may want to attend regarding Strong Workforce at the regional level.

Forum Objectives
Participants will leave with a better understanding of the following:

Nuts and bolts of Strong Workforce Program
Implementing a sector strategy
The role of the Sector Navigators, DSNs, Regional Advisory Committees, Industry Connections.
SWP Accountability and Planning Strategies
LaunchBoard basics for program research & planning