Communication Services

This web site is for Cerritos College students, interpreters, faculty or staff members needing a sign language interpreter, real-time captionist, or assistive listening device. Communication services are typically needed for classes, counseling appointments, field trips and other Cerritos College related functions. Please click on the appropriate selection below to make a request or cancel services. Communication services must be scheduled with a minimum of 5 days notice.

If you are a Student

If you are Faculty or Staff

If you are an Interpreter or Captionist

If you cannot make the request from this site please email Mary D'Ettorre at mdettorre@cerritos.eduemail link or call 562-860-2451 x2352 or VP (562) 274-7164.  You may also come to the DSPS office in the Liberal Arts/DSPS buildingfor assistance with requesting services.