About the Food Project

THE FOOD PROJECT: The Campus Integrative Theme Initiative

  • As a result of a suggestion from the Learning Communities Program Advisory Committee, an informal Integrative Theme Task Force was formed in 2013.

  • The Integrative Theme Task Force, with faculty representing all divisions and student representatives, brainstormed possible campus themes to be voted on by the whole campus in the spring of 2014

  • The Campus Integrative Theme Initiative was launched with a talk by Gregory S. Hinckley, Sociology Professor from Seattle Central Community College, Washington State, where their Water Project has united and transformed the college and the surrounding community

  • Over 3000 Cerritos College students, faculty and staff voted for the campus theme and Food was chosen as our campus theme.

  • Five Task Force Subcommittees were formed (see below) to spearhead different ways to engage the campus community in integrative teaching and learning.


  • The Campus Food Project was launched in September 2014 with a talk - How Mexican Food Conquered America, presented by the author of Taco USA, Gustavo Arellano.


  • Campus Garden: Started a pilot campus garden and is in discussions for space on campus for a large, permanent campus garden

  • Food Bank: Learned about the need for a well-stocked food bank on our own campus and held a very successful Food Drive on campus to both educate the campus about the needs of our students and to replenish the supplies of the Health Center Food Bank.

  • Spring Film Festival: Had a showing of A Place at the Table, lead by the faculty team from the One World: Food and The Ethics of Globalization learning community; it widened the impact of both the film and the discussion following to the whole campus, and not just their LC students

  • Website: www.cerritos.edu/foodproject

  • Food Project Fair: Showcased many departments and integrative activities from several learning communities all linked to the theme of food


  • Build a community of students, faculty, staff and administrators who become aware of and collaborate on projects in all areas of the campus and surrounding community, around a single broad theme; a community that can grow into one implementing integrative learning across campus

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