Canvas Newsletter - October 2017

Canvas Newsletter

New Features, Light bulb NEW FEATURES

 Canvas Mobile Teacher App – The app now supports the People page, student context cards, Attendance, audio and video comments, external apps, and discussion attachments.


Canvas Upgrades, black arrow pointing upCANVAS UPDATES

 ConferZoom - The Chancellor’s Office provides Zoom professional web conferencing to all California community college employees. Originally it was named ConferNow. However the name was changed to ConferZoom. This has led to some confusion. Because of this, we have renamed the tool from ConferNow to ConferZoom in Canvas. If you had previously removed the ConferNow tool from your Canvas course, it may reappear. If so, simply remove it again.


SpeedGrader - Late and missing submission status labels are only displayed to instructors.


Rubric Criterions - Rubric criterions can include a point range instead of an individual point value.


Don't Forget, finger pointing with ribbon DON'T FORGET!

Before your courses begin, use the Validate Link in Content tool (under Settings) to ensure that URLs are correct.

Also, if you would like to see a feature in Canvas that doesn’t exist or suggest a change to an existing feature, you may do so under the Submit a Feature Idea that can be accessed on the Help menu.


Feature Change, two arrows FEATURE CHANGE

Students will now appear last name first in the gradebook. Previously, while sorted last name first, student   
 names appeared first name then last name.


For more info, please contact Cynthia Alexaner at: calexander@cerritos.eduemail link