Classroom Resources - 3C Media Solutions

We encourage all faculty to utilize 3C Media Solutions, which will be replacing EduStream as a repository for free, accessible, and captioned videos that can be streamed via TalonNet. 3C Media is a grant funded project of the CCC Chancellor's Office. Please go to the following link for thousands of videos and open source materials to enhance your courses:

You may upload your multimedia, create playlists and choose open or private access to your media resources. If you currently have an EduStream account, the 3C Media Solutions and EduStream teams are working together to ensure a seamless transition for EduStream users. Prior to July 1, 2014, all EduStream video content will be migrated to 3C Media Solutions and users will receive communications, instructions and support related to the new services. If you need assistance integrating multimedia into your TalonNet course site, please send a message