Accessibility Guides

What is Accessibility


Why is it important at Cerritos College?


Microsoft Word

1. Microsoft - Make your Word documents accessible

2. WebAIM - Microsoft Word Creating Accessible Documents


Make your PowerPoint presentations accessible


Make your Excel spreadsheets accessible


Microsoft Office Training Center


Creating OpenOffice and LibreOffice Accessible Documents


Adobe Acrobat DC

1. Training resources

2. Create and verify PDF accessibility (Acrobat Pro DC)

3. Accessing PDF Documents with Assistive Technology - A Screen Reader User’s Guide

4. Accessibility feedback form


Professional Learning Network

1. Creating Accessible PDFs with Acrobat DC Creating Accessible PDFs with Acrobat DC


Usability Vs Accessibility

1. What is the difference between accessible, usable, and universal design?

2. Barriers to Use: Usability and Content Accessibility on the Web's Most Popular Sites Terry Sullivan, Rebecca Matson Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Information Science


Tactile Graphics.