iFalcon Study Skills - Organizing Class Materials

Where's my assignment? Did I leave it in my car? Maybe I stuffed it in my book... it's due today!

One of the more frustrating college experiences is when you work hard on an assignment only to misplace it and not get any credit for the work you did. Avoid this situation by keeping all your class materials organized and easy to find. Being organized will also allow you to spend more time learning, as you take less time finding and referencing notes and assignments.

The exercises in this module are designed to help you get organized in each of your classes.

Students who organize their materials effectively:

  • Save time and stress by knowing where all their books, notes, and assignments are
  • Feel in control of their learning and success in the course
  • Organize a three-ring binder for each course using labeled sections for notes, exams, homework, etc.
  • Come to class prepared and ready to learn