iFalcon Study Skills - Prioritizing Your Projects

You've got a lab report, an English paper, and an exam all due the same week! How do you juggle these major assignments?

Being able to prioritize your projects can reduce much unneeded stress in the semester. The first step is to stay informed of each of your class schedules- not just what's going on this week, but also in the weeks to come. Break down long-term projects, including studying for exams, into smaller, more manageable steps.

The exercises in this module are designed to help you prioritize your work throughout the semester.

Students who take the time to prioritize their projects:

  • Look ahead at important class dates in their syllabi to identify their busiest weeks
  • Break down big projects into smaller parts
  • Create a study plan to avoid panicking and last minute "all-nighters"
  • Make the best use of their time outside of class