iFalcon Study Skills - Studying For Exams

After watching students studying on a TV show, it appears as though all you have to do is open your book and put a serious expression on your face to learn. In the real world, however, there is actually much more to studying than this.

Studying for an exam does not begin the night before the exam. As soon as your instructor presents material to be learned (the first day of class), you need to study as though you will be tested on that material next class session. This takes discipline, but constant and consistent study determines your success in both present and subsequent courses.

The exercises in this module are designed to help you prepare for exams in a thorough and timely manner.

Students who study for exams successfully:

  • Connect their homework and projects for the class to studying for the exam
  • Practice every day to avoid having to "cram" the night before the exam
  • Re-create their notes from the class without having to look at them
  • Can quickly come up with five questions that could be on the next exam
  • Link up with students who will best meet their study needs