iFalcon Study Skills Program

Note to Faculty

The iFALCON Study Skills Program was created for students of all levels, across all disciplines. While the ideas and exercises presented in the program may appear simple in theory, today's students experience difficulty incorporating them into their busy lifestyles. Many of our students are not even aware of their study habits; they feel as though they are putting forth an effort, without realizing that their current practices prove inefficient if not ineffectual.
As an instructor and/or student mentor, we ask that you encourage your students to continuously practice these essential habits to be successful. Remind them of the importance of fundamentals. People who have experienced success (whether they be pro-athletes, top-notch musicians, or "biggest losers" at their ideal weights) return to the fundamentals time and time again. As the Business Philosopher Jim Rohn stated:

"Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals."

Each of the nine modules we've developed above contains four modalities of presenting the material for that module.
The "Know It" component consists of power point slides in question/answer format to promote thought and/or discussion. This can be performed either in class, in study groups or individually.
The "See It" component plays videos portraying the desirable behavior.
The "Try It" component consists of worksheets for students to practice the study skill.
Along the side of each of the "Know It," "See It," "Try It" pages runs a comic strip modeling the "Do's and Don'ts" of studying.
In the "Resources" tab, power point and word versions of documents are available to be edited to suit the needs of individual instructors and disciplines.
The "Faculty Tips" tab contains a wiki page for faculty to contribute ideas about best practices for incorporating our skills into their class and/or discipline.

The more excited that you can be about promoting these habits of mind, the more willing and open-minded your students will be to try something that may just push them on to a rewarding college experience.
The iFALCON Team

Please share your ideas and experiences when incorporating the iFALCON Study Skills Program into your course.