1. Cerritos College Learning Communities Program "Dare to Learn"
2. First Year Experience Participants working on poster at a Semester Event.
3. A First Year Experience (FYE) Student traces a star on his poster.
4. First Year Experience (FYE) Program Celebrates another year.
5. Students working on project at a Learning Communities Event
6. FYE - First Year Experience. Learning Communities Program
7. Students deciding what to draw during a group activity
8. FYE Team Members work on their poster.
9. Students collaborating on their project.
10. FYE Participants trace hands on a board.
11. "I have learned I am a member of a community of learners."
12. Students enjoying themselves and laughing at the End of Semester lunch.
13. A Student using his artistic skills to draw a Falcon.
14. Participants of LCP discuss what to add to the project.
15. "Thanks to learning communities I have learned how to adapt to college life."
16. New FYE Team Members engage in an activity to make a witches broom with string.
17. Group enjoying the "Witches Broom" activity at the FYE Kickoff.
18. A drawing of a roller coaster to show time in College Classes.
19. A display of Hands reaching for a book entitled "FYE".
20. "In this program I learned that I can ask for help. We all support each other."
21. A Student shows a drawing of a Falcon with the words "iFALCON".
22. Display presenting hands reaching towards a Star with the word "Success"
23. Participants work together on a project while Director Sue Parsons talks with them.
24. Students work on a project that shows expectations in FYE Classes.
25. "In the FYE Program I have made many friends."
26. Students work on different aspects of a display during the FYE Kickoff.
27. Team Members work on a group activity.
28. Three students show a "SANTA" poster at the Kickoff Event.
29. Several students show a poster at the Kickoff Event.
30. "My professors helped me to take charge of my life."
31. Three students present a board displaying words that spell out "GIFTS".
32. Several students present a board relaying words spelling out DRUM.
33. Four students displaying words that make up CARDS.
34. A group of Learning Community participants during an LCP Function.