Certificate and AA Courses

The Certificate Program is an 18 unit program.  The following courses are required:

Course #: Psyc 101
Course Title: General Introductory Psychology
Semester Offered: Fall/Spring/Summer
Units: 3

Course #: Inst 151*
Course Title: Principles of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery
Semester Offered: Fall
Units: 3

Course #: Inst 152*
Course Title: Helping Relationships
Semester Offered: Spring
Units: 3

Course #: Psyc 271
Course Title: Abnormal Psychology
Semester Offered: Fall/Spring
Units: 3

Course #: Psyc 272
Course Title: Special Populations
Semester Offered: Spring
Units: 3

Course #: Psyc 273
Course Title: Field Experience
Semester Offered: Summer
Units: 3

(*INST = Interdisciplinary Studies)                        Total Units                          18

The Associates in Arts Degree is a 60 unit degree consisting of:

  1. Completing the 18 unit certificate program
  2. 6 units (or 2 classes) of additional Psychology Courses
  3. General Education Requirements (see Cerritos Catalog for details)

**NOTE: If you want an AA in Mental Health Worker AND you would like to transfer as a Psychology major make sure you are taking classes that will be accepted for both (the AA degree and your school of transfer).  Contact Michelle Lewellen for more details.