Music 144/145

Music 144 & 145 Electronic Synthesizer 
Student Music Projects 
Fall 2008

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Project Name: Red Lights Urban Lights 
Student Composer: John Longenecker
Run Time: 3 min 5 sec
Musical Style: Techno/Dance

Project Name: David Santos
Student Composer: David Santos
Run Time: 3 min 10 sec
Musical Style: Electronic/Dance

Project Name: Shatonia Final
Student Composer: Shatonia Teutla
Run Time: 2 min 57 sec
Musical Style: Smooth Jazz

Project Name: Know
Student Composer: Alan Villegas
Run Time: 3 min 7 sec
Musical Style: Electronic/Dance

Project Name: Final
Student Composer: Andres Barron
Run Time: 3 min 32 sec
Musical Style: Electronic/Dance

Project Name: Jack in the Box
Student Composer: Jason Arias
Run Time: 1 min 40 sec
Musical Style: Electronic/Ambient

Project Name: Electric
Student Composer: Roberto Reyna
Run Time: 3 min 17 sec
Musical Style: Electronic/Dance

Course Descriptions

Music 144 (Mus 144) 

Electronic Synthesizer I (2 units) 

This class is an introduction to MIDI, synthesizer programming, sampling, computer sequencing, drum machine technique, and computer composition. Also, the course introduces the basics of acoustics and the physical properties of sound. Compositions will be required of all students. Individual time is provided This course be be taken for a maximum of 2 times. Transfer Credit: CSU


Music 145 (Mus 145) 

Electronic Synthesizer II (1 unit)

Prerequisite: Mus 144 or equivalent with a grade of Pass or "C" or higher. This course is a continuation of tape studio practices, digital recording, synthesizer performance, and computer based recording and processing. This course may be taken a maximum of 2 times. Transfer Credit: CSU

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