Group of international students at the park


Welcome to the International Student Association (ISA)! 

ISA welcomes all students to join our club, to gain professional and educational experiences, to develop social and cultural skills, and most importantly, to make friends from all over the world!


Konichiwa!Hola!Ni hao!Ciao!Kumusta!Ba wo ni!Namaste!Jom rep sove!

Bon jour!Hi!An nyong ha se yo!Bon Giorno!Marhabah!


Educational Experience
Guest Speakers ~ Understand transfer requirement and procedures to UC and CSU system.
Study Groups ~ Discuss school work and enhance study skills.
Peer Counseling ~ Receive advisement support and reach educational goal.
Scholarships ~ Be eligible to receive scholarships for your active participation in the ISA.

Professional Experience
Leadership conferences ~ Develop social and leadership skills.
Workshops ~ Increase knowledge and skills.
Become an officer ~ Serve students and plan activities for the ISA - Enhance your resume!
Volunteer opportunity ~ Earn a certificate of recognition after participating in campus activities.
Build your resume ~ Prepare students for future career and studies.

Have Fun
Recreational activities ~ movies, picnics, Hollywood tour, surfing, beach parties
Intercultural exchange ~ make friends with domestic and international students
Fundraising and community services ~ make a difference in someone's life!


The International Student Association (ISA) was established to create a sense of community between international students and domestic students. ISA promotes activities geared towards intercultural exchange and increase awareness and tolerance in the many diversities present on campus.



Meetings are every Wednesday,
from 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm,
Office Of International Student Services, Santa Barbara Building

Take part in ISA, an active organization that provides a forum to share your culture with others and provides opportunites to develop your social and leadership skills. This is an excellent way to help you build your resume to transfer to a top university! It's also a great chance to meet fellow students from your own country or make friends from around the world. For more information, come by the Office of International Student Services and ask how you can get involved.