Falcon Leadership Academy

As baby boomers retire, we are seeing a void in academic leadership. With the support and guidance of ACCME (Association of Cerritos College Management Employees) and under the direction of former President Dr. Linda Lacy, a succession training program was established Spring 2012 and entitled Falcon Leadership Academy.


I am pleased to continue this successful program.  The workshops will focus on the current issues and research in academia, an understanding of the history of the college, and the skills and knowledge required to be a dynamic and successful leader. The targeted group will be new managers, aspiring managers, or those seeking leadership roles within the college.

The mission statement for the Falcon Leadership Academy is to develop successful leaders through a series of experiences designed around sound practices and guided discovery activities as well as develop leaders through:

  • Knowledge of the history of the college
  • Current trends in education
  • Leadership skills necessary to lead: Interpersonal communication skills; dealing with conflict; initiative and innovation; collaboration; and time management.
  • Understanding the organization: budget and finance; who our students are; where we are and where we want to be as a college; board relations; strategic planning process; employee/employer relations; building partnerships for success; and legal issues.

Dr. Jose Fierro