Cerritos College Public Affairs -- Graphic Standards

The public image of Cerritos College is highly dependent on the visual impression created when we communicate with printed materials. A high degree of uniformity is mandatory if we are to effectively communicate our image visually. Therefore, the following graphic standards have been set:

The Logo
In 2007, the College logo was created and was approved by the President to serve as Cerritos College’s primary visual identifier.  The logo should be used for all marketing and promotional publications, including brochures, catalogs, class schedules and advertisements.

    Download a high-quality, printable version of the logo

The Seal
The official College seal is the falcon encircled by “Cerritos College Truth Gives Wings to Strength.” The seal of Cerritos College is only used for official documents such as diplomas, transcripts, certificates, and formal publications.  The College seal should not be used routinely on print or electronic communications or merchandise. When in doubt, check with the Public Affairs Office.

    Download a high-quality, printable version of the seal

College Word Mark
The name "Cerritos College" should appear on all publications or printed materials when the seal cannot be used. Generally, the name of the College should be printed on Minion Condensed Bold, with a solid underline staring from the "C" in Cerritos to the first "e" in College. Division name (if applicable) should be placed below the Cerritos College word mark using Adobe Futura Condensed Bold typeface. If a word mark is not available for your area, please contact the Public Affairs Office at x2285.

    Download a high-quality, printable version of the word mark

    Download a high quality, printable version of the word mark and your division/department

The College Signature
The College signature contains the seal, word mark, the College’s address, and/or telephone number and web address. See sample below.

The College Signature

Cerritos College blueOfficial Color
The College color for print publication purposes is Reflex Blue, CMYK value (C100/M70/K30).   For web publication the RGB value is 0/66/130 and the hex value is #004282.

To reduce costs, all College stationery has been standardized. Stationery and envelopes are available through the Warehouse. The Public Affairs Office must approve any variation from the standard design and copy of the letterhead, envelopes and business cards.

Business Cards
Cerritos College business cards are available for full-time employees, and/or upon the discretion of the department manager, and should be ordered through the Purchasing Department. Business cards are printed with the employee’s name; title; District phone number, extension, fax number, and email address; as well as other pertinent information if space is available.