Madrid Consulting Group Environmental Scan Study (April 2006)

Knowledge Based Decision Making

Cerritos College commissioned this environmental scan to assist the college in better understanding and serving the residential and business communities it serves. The study will serve the college’s planners and decision makers. Key information that can be found here includes:

  • Demographic information on the communities the college serves
  • A profile of key business factors in the area
  • Employment outlook for the Los Angeles/Orange county region

The study was performed by the Madrid Consulting Group of Bellflower, California. The Madrid group uses public data sources such as the U.S. Department of Labor and the Census Bureau as well as private sources such as Claritas, Bizminer, and CC Benefits.

It is presented here in an electronic format.(PDF) with an initial description of each section and hotlinks to the tables, charts and maps  described. Users may find it helpful to  use the thumbnail feature to maneuver easily around the document. It will enable you to move back and forth between the sections and within them.

Further information about the study is available from the office of the Cerritos College Executive Dean of Community, Industry, and Technology Education,(562) 860-2451, ext. 2482.

To access the following documents login using your full email address at Cerritos College and Windows password 

Section A –Student Service Area

Section B –Student Service Area Population Characteristics

Section C –Student Service Area Population Educational Characteristics

Section D –Student and Business Service Area Resident Employment Characteristics

Section E –Public and Private Educational Institutions

Section F –Service Area Business Base

Section G –Student and Business Area Childcare/Daycare

Section H –Business Service Area Home Based Businesses and Businesses by Employee Size

Section I  – Industry Clusters

Section J –Jobs Forecast Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Section K –Occupations Forecast Los Angeles and Orange Counties (2004-2010)

Section L –Business Churning Activity for Service Area 1999-2004