Enrollment Management Plan
Table of Contents

Cerritos College values its diverse student population and is committed to providing these students with high quality, comprehensive instructional programs and support services that improve student success and offer clear pathways to achieve personal, educational, and career goals. In doing so, the college develops in students the knowledge, skills, and values that prepare them to be productive participants in the global community.

Driven by the pursuit of unparalleled student success, Cerritos College will provide access to innovative learning opportunities that promote the power of learning.

Our Core Values:
- supporting and promoting student success;
- achieving excellence/quality in teaching, learning, service and in college processes;
- supporting Innovation and creativity to enhance and enrich learning and services;
- celebrating diversity in people, philosophies, cultures, beliefs, programs and learning environments;

- promoting respect and trust in all people be they students, community members and employees;
- fostering integrity as the foundation for all that we do;
- developing, nurturing and supporting partnerships with our educational, business and industry colleagues;

- planning and supporting comprehensiveness in our curricular offerings; and supporting inclusiveness of individual, campus and community viewpoints in collaborative decision-making processes.


Goal 1PDF document:Maintain base of 18,000 FTES
Goal 2PDF document: Improve Completion/Success rates in courses/programs which have, over a 5 year period, been ranking in the bottom 10 by completion/success rate
Goal 3PDF document: Identify new programs to offer/develop
Goal 4PDF document:
Alignment of "Front Door" activities as well as coordinated resource allocation (3SP/Equity)
Goal 5PDF document: Improve Fiscal Reporting to Guide Enrollment Management Planning

Circle 1: Student EngagementPDF document
Data files for Circle 1

Circle 2: Instructional ProgramsPDF document
Data files for Circle 2

Circle 3: Teaching PracticesPDF document
Data files for Circle 3

Circle 4: Academic InfrastructurePDF document

Circle 5: Support ServicesPDF document
Data files for Circle 5

Circle 6: Resource ManagementPDF document

Circle 7: Campus LeadershipPDF document

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