Burnies Awards - Theatre Awards

The Burnies

The Cerritos College Theatre Department hosts an annual Awards Ceremony in celebration of the stellar achievements and improvements of the student filmmakers, actors, designers and technical theatre students. Throughout the year, and in classroom format, these students produce films,  design costumes, lighting and sound, create props and stages and perform live on stage. Many weeks of concentrated learning and efforts are put into the staged performances the audience see. Each performance was the culmination of innumerable hours of training and hard work behind the scenes, with the technical and artistic efforts combining symbiotically.

In the spring of each year the Theatre Department announce the annual Burnies Awards. These awards may be likened to the Oscars to award Film and Theatre students in recognition of their many accomplishments and advancements. 

We welcome all to join us for this 'dress to impress' event to see highlights and mini-performances from the prior calendar year's shows and films. The categories include a wide range from acting, student designing, film direction and editing, directing and writing. The awards include the four main productions (2 in Spring and 2 in Fall) as well as the Summer One-Act Show which is written, directed, designed and acted entirely by students. 


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